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Angel (promo)

Hi there! Here you can download the Angel promo, for a description see below. Before downloading, I'd like you to fill in your name and email, so I know who and how much people downloaded the Angel promo.


The game I'm currently developing for the TI-83 is called "Angel". It is a puzzle game, programmed in Assembly for SOS, but I think the final version will be programmed for ION... Or maybe both. The intro is already finished, and I'm currently working on the game itself. I was first thinking about Greyscale, and as a matter of fact it looked quite nice, but I figured it the 'flashing' was still a bit too much to let people play the game while not getting a headache. So now it fearures animation. Also nice.

How does the game work? Well, you're a guy (an angel, who wants to live again and has to complete 4 worlds to accomplish that), and you start at a certain position in the field. Somewhere else, there's a door, and last but not least, there is a key to open the door. Quite simple, would one say. But beware! There are also 4 types of obstacles!!! They are placed in your way, and you can't get past them unless you have the right 'weapon'... So you can destroy a balloon by 'shooting' an arrow at it, kill a fire by throwing water over it, etc. However, you can hold only 1 item at the same time so it's the case to think really well about what you are going to do.

I got the idea from my MSX computer, there are several games like this for it, i.e. SokSoft's Dummieland, the game from the Peach-Up series, a variant on Sunrise Picturedisk... Well, no need to say more because you guys probably haven't heard of all these anyways.

Well, finally I'd like to make some comments on the date it will be released, I think it will be before the end of this milennium, but I'm not really sure... depends on how much I feel like programming on it and on the time I put in other projects (formula: time for angel = total time - time for other projects).