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Standard DD-Graph sample no. 2
The best one, to my opinion... Standard DD-Graph sample no. 3
Very nice too. This one has got a small animation.
Yeee! It's animated!!!

DD-Graph: One of the best drawing-packets for MSX.

The (by my opinion) best drawing-packet for MSX is DD-Graph. This packet consists out of two parts. The first part is a drawing-program called AGE (some people call it AGE5), the second part is a sprite-editor called SPEN (some people call it SPE5). In addition there are some little programs like a selector in which you can select one of the two programs and a few conversion-files with which you can convert the sprites you've designed into Basic- and ML-data.

Age: You can make "jolly good" pictures with it (see the sample-drawings above and below...), and it's very easy to use. You can only use it for screen 5 drawings, I think that's a pity, but fortunately, some dutch clubs have produced an screen 7 and 8 version (AGE7/AGE8), so you can use the layout of this great program too in the screens 7 and 8 (sounds logically, doesn't it?).

Spen: In this sprite-editor, you can edit sprites in all possible ways, from hardware-sprites to software-sprites, from single-pattern-sprites to multiple-pattern sprites. If you've designed some nice sprites, you can convert them easily into spritedata for ML or Basic. This is THE sprite-design-program for MSX!

Download it as LZH archive or (Win)ZIP archive

Standard DD-Graph sample no. 1
Not so good as the other ones.