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With LHEXT and LHPACK it is possible to decrunch and create .LZH-archives. This is the major format for MSX. A while ago, the major format for MSX was the .PMA format, created by PMARC, but people went to the LZH-series because of some advantages: PMEXT has problems handling too large and too small files (=0 bytes), LZH-files support directories, and last but definately not least, the decrunching-speed of LHEXT is almost three times as fast as PMEXT's. A minor disadvantage is that LHEXT chrunches a slight bit slower. A screen-shot of how LHEXT looks For a complete comparisation of PMA and LZH please check out MCCM 84.

Besides, people who don't want to quit PMEXT'ing (or haven't got LHEXT) can just decrunch .LZH-files with PMEXT, which can also decrunch .LZH-files (but at a much, much slower speed).

Thus, LHEXT is a bit less speedy while crunching files, but it's very user-friendly for the decrunching person (e.g. for me, it took a slight while longer to crunch the DD-Graph-archive, but all the people who download it can decrunch it three times as fast!

Well, just click on Download WinZipped LZH-packet (MSX ONLY!!!) to download the entire packet. It's illegal to spread the files seperate, so don't put the seperate files on your homepage or diskmagazine etcetera.