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MSX83Dev v1.1

Hi there! Here you can download MSX83Dev v1.1, for a description see below. Before downloading, I'd like you to fill in your name and email, so I know who and how much people downloaded MSX83Dev.


This is a TI-83 developers pack for the MSX. Advantage of developing TI-83 games on the MSX is that you can use your all-time favorite native MSX assembler (Compass!)... Also, a lot of MSXers have still got quite limited access to their father's PC (there are also other family members who want to work on it) but have unlimited access to their MSX (I'm one of them)... Anyways, it contains the program MSX83DEV.COM, which converts files from the .COM format to the .83p-format ("squished")... Ofcourse, the .COM files have to be assembled specificly for the TI-83. It also contains the following MSX-Assembler (Compass and Gen80) formatted include-files: ION.INC, SOS.INC, TOKENS.INC and TI83ASM.INC. Version 1.1 has some nice new features over v1.0, check the revision history below:

MSX83Dev v1.1: (19/11/99)