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What we have produced 'till now...

Track 1 t/m 6 - diskmagazine. MSX2, MoonSound (starting from Track 6) / Stereo.
Music Power 1 - Musicdisk. MSX2, Stereo
Overload - Musicdisk. MSX2, MoonSound / Stereo
Leadwave - Musicdisk containing MB for MoonSound leadwaves
Drumwave - Musicdisk containing MB for MoonSound drumwaves

Planned products...

Strategic Army - Real-Time Action Strategy Game, Dune2-a-like. MSX2, MoonSound / Stereo
SA: Ancient Phoenix - RPG with SA's story. MSX2+ (2), MoonSound / Stereo.
Track 7 - diskmagazine. MSX2, MoonSound / Stereo. release uncertain
S.A.M.P. - Sample editor. MSX2, lots of soundchips. release uncertain
Mental Meltdown - Cool Pinball-game. MSX2, MoonSound. release uncertain