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An MSX-logo, ripped from the ASCII-site...

News and cool sections: (21-05-2000)
  • The Bussum fair is coming up once again, it is being held September the 16th (and 17th, for the MSX Marathon participants). I hope to see you all at the second-biggest MSX event of the Netherlands!
  • No report of a new section this time, but the great news that I am now an official member of The New Image (TNI). Check out the official TNI homepage at
    I also deleted the forum from my homepage (didn't work for some time already and I don't feel like entirely setting it up again).
  • I have put a TI-83-section online featuring descriptions and downloads of all software I have written (and am writing) for the TI-83 and for linking it to an MSX.
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The Phoenix MSX standarization project!!!

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