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Date: 16 September 2000 Location: Bussum
scroll down for last year's poster

After the fair, join the MSX-Marathon... 24 hours of MSX!!!
Don't forget to bring your MSX with you...

Since the last MSX fair in Zandvoort it was uncertain if the fair would be held again next year... Fortunately, a new location was found in >>Bussum<<. This year already for the second time. The fair is organized by MSX gg Zandvoort (Jaap Hoogendijk), and in co÷peration with TNI (Laurens "Grauw" Holst).

You can email to:
Jaap Hoogendijk (main co÷rdinator of the MSX Computerdag)
Laurens Holst (co÷rdinator of the MSX Marathon, web page maintainer)

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